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For the first time in Campania, we meet the traditions of wellness in a dedicated and exclusive event.

The Masters of the Ozio will accompany you on a journey with over 10 experiences drawn from the traditions of the whole world. A real "tasting of wellness" menu, a journey that can give you unique sensations.

At the beginning of the course the event will be shown in order to tune in to the right frequency in order to benefit from the best of the route.

Below is a brief description, with the awareness that it is difficult to describe what are sensations that involve all the senses.  

  • Short massage of the cervical area to relieve all tensions
  •  Foot massage with birch whisk 
  • Mediterranean infusion preparatory to the heat bath in the sauna
  • Finnish sauna, excellent remedy to expel toxins and tensions with steam fumes flavored with balsamic herbs 
  • Foot bath with warm water and salts 
  • Water games at different temperatures and Aleppo soap 
  • Hydromassage a 37 degree
  • Roman Bath, a forerunner of the Turkish Bath, rising temperatures and vapors. In an environment of striking architecture, with the glove of Kassa, the black soap with olive oil and ashes, the salt scrub with coffee, the Argan mousse, we proceed to the ritual of the savonage 
  • Bath of Sounds with the harmonies of the Tibetan bells, relaxing on comfortable cushions 
  • Mask with clay and gold from the Amalfi Coast, the IGP lemon  

 By blending the traditions of well-being all over the world, the path induces a state of relaxation that makes one lose contact with reality. Two hours of isolation from the world, which invigorate the body, stimulating the natural ability to balance, always present in all of us, but sometimes hidden from everyday life. The "Wellness World" event is a format created by A. & C. Consulting, a company that owns the Otiumspa brand with international experience in the creation of SPAs. On Friday afternoon, Otiumspa dedicated this route because the entire SPA must be set up to better complete all the phases. Each starting point provides for the entry of up to 4 people, and considering that the operators involved will be 4, this means that there will be an absolute care of the guests. The promotional cost of the 2-hour experience is € 50 per person all-inclusive, at no extra cost

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